About the club

Windsor Judo Club teaches Judo to juniors and seniors, from beginner to black belt. The club emphasises the development of technique and skill. The Dan grade (black belt) instructors are qualified coaches.

We follow a structured grading syllabus with promotion through the grades giving each student a sense of achievement as they progress. Training sessions are held in a purpose built hall with a permanent mat area, as well as fully equipped changing and shower facilities. A recreational bar is situated in the same building.

What is Judo?

Judo is a form of throwing and grappling similar in many ways to wrestling. Now an

Olympic sport, Judo originates from the Japanese art of Jujitsu. It has been described as a physical game of chess as well as “wrestling in white pyjamas”.
Judo was devised in the late 19th Century as a form of unarmed combat that could be practised safely. To allow the participants to practice the powerful and dynamic throws of judo more safely, all striking movements where removed from the syllabus so that participants could practice Judo using full force without harming their opponent.

New players follow a structured syllabus and learn a range of judo techniques under close supervision. Safety is our prime concern and new players will integrate with more experienced club members only when they are ready.

Judo lessons at Windsor are inexpensive and we can supply Judo suits direct from the manufacturers at discounted rates. If you are interested in coming along you may wish to visit our getting started page.

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