Gradings in July

Windsor Judo Club takes great pride in the continuing developement of our young players.  In our recent July grading, the following players were promoted…

Name New Grade
Thomas Aquilina 1st Mon
Ruby Rae 4th Mon
Jan Cazin 9th Mon
Victor Cazin 3rd Mon
Amarini Brookerfoad 2nd Mon
Quinlan Aspden 3rd Mon
Donald Holliday 2nd Mon
Anand Dam 2nd Mon
Drew Taylor 7th Mon
Abbie Taylor 9th Mon
Colleen Fortune 1st Mon
Noel Fortune 1st Mon
Brierley Mather 9th Mon
Nigel Phillips 3rd Mon
Alisha Cole 1st Mon
Elliot Jones 4th Mon
Oliver Jones 1st Mon
Pawandip Kaur Hans 10th Mon
Arundip Singh Hans 8th Mon
Liza Williamson 10th Mon
Oliver Purvis 2nd Mon
Phoebe Purvis 1st Mon
Alysha Butt 1st Mon
Sulaman Butt 1st Mon

Well done all!

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