High Wycombe Ne-waza competition

Last Sunday (11th) High Wycombe Judo Centre held it’s first Ne-waza Competition.
Windsor judo club was both competitively (our own Naomi Crawley
brought home a medal) and referee Pete Skinner who had this to say:

“As a new event,  players and officials were issued with carefully
thought out guidelines by the organisers: the rules where normal
competitive Ne-waza with small changes to starting positions and

“Matches were ended by Osaekomi, Kansetsu-waza, Shime-waza in equal
amounts (despite it being an entirely groundwork event with 125+
players only two players became unconscious). Towards the end of the
day some fights had to be decided by the Referee decision because the
fighters were becoming exhausted.”

“Overall it was great fun: the excitement of Ne-Waza was demonstrated
by all weight groups and body types and we hope this is the first of

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