Yet More Dan Gradings!

We are pleased to report an excellent performance at last weekends grading in High Wycombe, where three of the club’s regulars fought very well indeed.

Adrian took 37 more points towards his 3rd Dan, with several very quick dropping attacks, putting him on 84 points.

However, he now has company at 2nd Dan as Alex, a recent visitor to the club from Bath University, and Ross (who joined WJC as a beginner in 2005) both earned their 2nd Dan grades by completion of a line up.

Ross said “I’m still really surprised. I went just expecting to see what the standard of the 1st Dans was like, and managed to win all of my contests to get my 2nd Dan. During three of the contests, the other players had really strong stand up judo and although they weren’t able to throw me, i couldn’t control them for long enough to attack. Finally, opportunities presented themselves and I threw one player with a footsweep and managed to get a hold down and an arm lock against the other two. I’ve just got my license back this morning and I’m really happy.”

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