Budokwai grading

Ross White achieved his Dan grade today! He tells it in his own words below

I arrived at the Budokwai with 70 points and was in no mood to fight as I’d never been to the Budokwai before and I’d got completely lost on the way there. My aim for the day was to win 3 fights and get the final 30 points to get my Dan grade; I wasn’t interested in doing the whole line up of 5 fights as I wouldn’t be able to use the extra points.

So I changed, and began warming up and calming the nerves that occur before a grading. I went out for my first fight and quite quickly he turned in for a hip technique but had lost his balance, and I managed to take him to the ground and secure a Kesa Gatame hold down for the 25 seconds.

The second fight was more interesting, I took an over shoulder belt grip and threw with O Soto Gari, but he landed on his side before his back giving me the Wazari, I then followed up into a Kesa Gatame hold down but was now out of the fighting area. We were stood up and the referee talked to the table officials as to the score, the officials arguing it had been an Ippon throw but maybe out of the area, and the referee arguing it had been a wazari throw but had been in the area. They decided to give me the Ippon.

In the 3rd fight, I again took an over shoulder belt grip and threw my opponent with O Soto Gari onto his back for an Ippon.

So I now had all the points for my Dan grade, and just had to be thrown and it was all over. But due to the small size of the dojo, I’d seen several people thrown into the walls and the floor wasn’t particularly soft so I just didn’t fancy it and kept on fighting.

In the 4th Fight, I again took an over shoulder belt grip and threw with O Soto Gari cleanly for Ippon.

In the final fight my opponent went for a dropping technique and left his arm sticking out. I grabbed his arm and went for a rolling Juji Gatame arm lock. The referee thought I?d been thrown by the technique and scored my opponent a Wazari for my rolling arm lock, I was so confused I relaxed my grip on his arm, and he promptly pulled it away from me. Later in the fight, he turned in for a technique and I took him to the ground and secured a Tate Shiho Gatame hold down. As he struggled, he relaxed an arm so I managed applied an Ude Garame arm lock, he submitted and I score the final ippon of the day.

Immediately afterwards I was to tired to feel happy, I’d been fighting continuously for over 10 minutes but slowly I recovered and realised I’d got my Dan grade by points and a line up.

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