Junior Grading

Once again congratulations to our junior players in their continual
development.  Windsor Judo Club recently conducted a grading and
promoted the following players to thier new grade.  Special mention to
Robin Tetteki Seyi Finn Sarah and Lewis for completing their first

Player New Grade
Abbie Taylor 12th Mon
Brierley Mather 12th Mon
Lisa Williamson 12th Mon
Jan Cazin 11th Mon
Arundip Sign-Hans 10th Mon
Louis Brown 8th Mon
Drew Taylor 8th Mon
Adam Toubal 7th Mon
Victor Cazin 5th Mon
Quinlaw Aspden 5th Mon
Oliver Purvis 4th Mon
Melisa Toubal 3rd Mon
Jake Houchen 2nd Mon
Michael Smith 2nd Mon
Alisha Cole 2nd Mon
Aaron Smith 2nd Mon
Robin Szabo 1st Mon
Tetteki Kofi 1st Mon
Seyi Kofi 1st Mon
Finn Brown 1st Mon
Sarah Hopkins 1st Mon
Lewis Goodchild 1st Mon

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